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Be one of the first to investigate the Royal Ontario Museum’s collection in ways never possible before. Animate a dino, Skin a dodo, X-Ray a cat mummy…and that’s just the beginning!

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13 Different Scopes

Use ScopifyROM’s custom tools to “open the case” and interact directly with the incredible artifacts and specimens at the ROM. Make discoveries using Scopify’s 13 different scopes and then learn what those discoveries tell us about the world around you.


Animate the Dino

Make the skeleton of one of the planet’s largest animals come to life!

Decode the Mummy coffin

Reveal the secrets of the person lying inside

X-Ray the Cat Mummy

See for yourself how it really died

Skin the Dodo

Discover why it was such an easy target


New interactive ways to discover museum objects

Every individual object or specimen in a museum can be seen as a ‘snapshot’ of a bigger idea – a larger story about life, the planet or history.

Scopify provides museum visitors with a set of digital tools, similar to those used by museum curators and scientists, to investigate each object in front of them and reveal the larger story it represents.


ScopifyROM is the first in our collection

The first Scopify™ app in the world is being launched in collaboration with the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada.

Scopify™ is created and produced by Kensington, the production company behind the international hit TV series, Museum Secrets, filmed at some of the world’s greatest museums.


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